5 Things you should never do after Eating is Dangerous for Health


Our day-to-day routine and catering have an impact on our health. Due to high workload, we often do not pay attention to our health. Due to which our body is affected and many diseases fall prey to it.

Healthy food is most important for the body. But apart from this, there are many things which are very important to pay attention to. A habit adopted by us makes us a victim of many dangerous diseases. Such are the habits which should be changed completely after eating food.

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Many people have a habit of falling asleep immediately after eating a meal. This can make you a victim of obesity. Apart from this, you may have to face acidity, mind stroke and heart problem. Therefore, one should sleep after about 2 hours of eating food.

Smoking –

Many people have a very bad habit of smoking. Besides drinking with tea, coffee, he definitely drinks after eating food. But let us tell you that doing so is dangerous for your health. A cigarette is equal to 10 at this time. The amount of nicotine increases more in the body. With this, Sijal seizes the level. Due to which the food and drink is not applied on the body.

Bathing –

Never take a bath immediately after eating a meal. This changes your body temperature. Due to which there is a bad effect on digestion and your digestion gets spoiled.

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Tea in take –

Many people have a habit of drinking tea after eating food. But this should not be done. Because of this the nicotine present in the tea pulls the protein of your body. Due to which there may be a shortage of red blood cells.

Water intake –

Drink water immediately after Khana Khan. But this should not be done. Water should be drunk half an hour later or before the storm hour.

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