YouTube might be removing the dislike button

YouTube is working on Dislike Count Hide features for content creators. The company has announced that the company is going to do this on the feedback of the creators.

According to YouTube, feedback was received from the creators regarding the targeted disliked campaign. The company is testing some new designs which will not see discic count.

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Although the disklike count may not be visible to the public, but the creators will be able to see it. The company has said that if someone is a part of this small experiment, then he will also see this new design. According to the company, this will happen from next week.

YouTube has shared an image. In this, below the YouTube video, the option to like, dislike, share, download and save is shown. These options are still there. Although a new count can be seen in a new change, not a dislike count

Significantly, YouTube started talking about the problems related to dislikes in 2019. Several options were discussed out of which removing dislikes was also an option. However, this has not happened.

The content creators will be greatly affected by the disliked count being hydrated. Because many times even good content had to be bothered by it under the disliked campaign.

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Having a disliked count is only good and bad. Because there is a huge amount of ‘garbage’ content on YouTube as well. Hateful and vulgar content is also enough, in such a situation it will be good for them to remove the disliked count, but it will be bad for the users here.

However, this will happen to limited users in the coming few weeks and later the company will publicly remove the disliked count. Only content creators will be able to see the disliked count on their videos.

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