How to do Sarvangasana? Check Steps, Precautions & Benefits

The meaning of Sarvangasan begins to be understood by his name. A posture that is made for all organs. If you are unable to exercise or do not have much time to do yoga, then do practice Sarvangasana once a day. There are many benefits to doing congruency. For women, this asana is a boon. Many problems are solved by the practice of this asana. In the beginning you can also do it with the help of wall. It will begin to happen perfectly after daily practice. Learn the right way to do all practice and its benefits.


Method of performing congruence

First lie down on your back. Then raise your legs, hips and waist. Take all the weight on your shoulders. Support the back with your hands so that the balance does not deteriorate. Keeping the elbows on the ground and hands at the waist, keep your waist and legs straight. Take the full weight of the body on the shoulders and upper part of the hands. Keep feet straight. Bring the toes in the line of the nose. Take long deep breaths and stay in the posture for 30 seconds.

Benefits of Sarvangasana –

  • Activates and nourishes the thyroid gland
  • Activates heart muscles and carries pure blood to the heart.
  • Problems like infertility and miscarriage are overcome.
  • Relieves monthly religious problems.
  • Relieves constipation and makes digestive activity active.
  • This asana is also very beneficial in removing fatigue and weakness.
  • Makes arms and shoulders strong and makes the back more flexible.
  • Nourishes the brain by transporting more blood.

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