IIT graduate kishore indukuri returns from US buy 20 cows now earns Rs 44 crore

Former engineer Kishore Indukuri’s dairy farm, which he named ‘SIDS Farm’ after his son Siddharth. By 2018 there were more than 6,000 customers and delivery in and around Hyderabad.

IIT graduate kishore indukuri

Many times people are ready to go to any extent to follow their passion. But we rarely see that a person leaves a life of luxury and returns to his roots. Something similar happened with an IIT alumnus when he left the country and returned to his country despite working in a big company in the US.

A former engineer Kishore Indukuri completed her graduation from IIT Kharagpur and then left for the US to pursue a master’s degree and PhD. After completing his studies there, he got a high class payment job in a big tech company in America. Despite this he was not satisfied, he was longing to return to his normal life.

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Kishore Indukuri joined Intel for six years after completing her Masters and PhD from the University of Massachusetts. Still unhappy, Kishore quit his American job and returned to India in his hometown of Karnataka. But there is always a turning point in life where someone’s life changes.

After this, when the teenagers went to Hyderabad, they saw that there are few alternatives to safe and healthy milk in the city. He immediately thought of a business idea and started his own dairy in 2012 with an investment of just 20 cows. He and his family started milking cows themselves and transported organic milk directly to the customers’ homes. Eventually, he invested in an install-freeze-store system to ensure the longevity of the milk from the time of milking to the reach of his customers.

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