Start a Dairy Business for Rs 5 lakh, can Earn Rs 70,000 a Month, know How

Dairy Business

Business Ideas: If you too are thinking of doing a business of your own, but the budget is not much and neither is understanding which business to do, then we are going to tell you about a business that has tried Happened and is always in demand business, in which there is little scope for loss.

70 thousand rupees will be earned every month

This business is the business of dairy products, in which you can earn good profits at a low cost. This is an evergreen business whose demand is 12 months. In the business of dairy products, you can earn up to 70,000 rupees every month by just applying 5 lakh rupees.

Mudra loan for dairy business

If you want to start this business, the Indian government also helps you in this. The government provides loans under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana for doing small business. Not only this, if you want to start this business, then the government gives you complete information about the project along with money so that you can start the business with confidence.

Only 5 lakhs will have to be arranged

The project cost of the dairy business is Rs 16.5 lakh. But do not worry, you do not have to arrange this much money, instead the government will give you 70 percent loan of this fund, you only have to arrange 5 lakh on your behalf. The bank will give you 7.5 lakh rupees as term loan and 4 lakh rupees as working capital.

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Details of Dairy Business Project

If we look at dairy business as per the project of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, then 75 thousand liters of flavored milk can be traded in this business in a year. Apart from this, 36 thousand liters of curd, 90 thousand liters of butter and 4500 kg of ghee can also be sold. That is, there will be a turnover of about 82 lakh 50 thousand rupees. In which there will be a costing of about 74 lakh rupees, while after deducting 14 percent interest, you can save about 8 lakhs.

How much space do you need

To start a dairy business, you only need 1000 square feet of space. In which 500 square feet of processing area, 150 square feet of refrigeration room, 150 square feet of washing area, 100 square feet of office, toilet and other facilities will be needed.

Raw material cost

Every month you will have to buy 12,500 liters of raw milk, 1000 kg sugar, 200 kg flavors, 625 kg spices. For which you will have to keep 4 lakh rupees.

How much turnover

You can sell 82,000 liters of flavored milk, 36,000 liters of curd, 90,000 liters of butter milk and 4500 kg of ghee to an annual turnover of 82.5 lakhs.

How much will be the profit

Your annual investment in 82.5 lakh turnover is Rs 74.40 lakh, which includes Lona’s interest of 14 per cent, that is, your annual profit is Rs 8.10 lakh.

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