Such People have Long Lifespan, Live More than 85 Years Due to a Habit

A person’s positive thinking not only makes him progressive, but also increases his age. ‘The Boston University School of Medicine’ told how our.

85 years old people happy life

Dr. Levina told, ‘There is evidence that optimistic thinking can prolong the lifeline of a human being. A similar study included 69,744 women and 1,429 men who completed the survey to assess their level of positive thinking, overall health and habits.

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In this, women’s health and ways of thinking were monitored for 10 years. While men’s health, habits and ways of thinking were followed for 30 years. At the initial level of optimistic thinking, the study found that the average age of the happier people is 15 percent more than the average.


According to the study, 70 percent of the people living with very positive attitude have a strong probability of living beyond 85 years. Researchers age, educational qualifications, plenty of chronic diseases, depression, alcoholism, Wyayaawr in keeping with the primary care visits concluded Hankm, diet

Dr Lee, a clinical psychologist, said, “In the past, many studies have identified the risk factors for premature death.” He said that it is quite interesting that human thinking can be modified by using simple techniques and therapy.

Dr. Laura Kubzanski, who joined the study as an assistant researcher, described how optimistic people are able to regulate emotions and behavior in their daily lives. Healthy habits of happy people have also been added to it, such as exercising regularly and smoking less.

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