Top – 25 SEO Interview Questions & Answers in 2021

Today we want to read the interview question of SEO for all those persons. For all of them, today we will discuss the important and latest questions and answer related to search engine optimization.

1- What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method to generate Unpaid Organic Traffic, with the help of which on-page-optimization of a website or blog on the Internet is done and promoted online so that the website ranks in the top ten results of search engines. And more and more users came to the website. Search Engine Optimization enhances the growth of every type of business. This would be of two ways, On-Page-Optimization and Off-Site-Promotion SEO.

2- What is On-Page SEO ?

On-page SEO is a method in which the content, information and problems inside the website are arranged according to the guidelines of the search engine. Website URL structure, Sitemap creation and submission, Robot text file, Meta title and description, Mobile responsive website setting, 404-page setting, Keyword optimization, Headings and subheadings, Alt tags details, Google Search Console, Google Analytics etc. Optimized as per rules. So that the website ranks on the top page in the search engines.

3- What is 404 error ?

All of us have at one time or another when we open a URL on the Internet, it is written there that 404 error or Page does not found. A 404 error means that the content that was previously stored and available on this URL has now been removed or deleted or is no longer available. Understand that

To avoid this error, we have to create a 404 error page and put it in our website. If this error page is not displayed on the website, then the user will feel that this website is useless and therefore the website engagement time will be zero or less. As a result, the search engine will also have a bad effect, due to which it will bring down and drop the ranking of the website. Therefore, you must put a 404 error page on the website.

4- What is a keyword ?

The keyword is a word, group of words, sentence, question, voice question, word input to ask for information, through which we get complete and partial information on a subject and object from the Internet. It can be in any form simple, short, long. A sentence searched by words is also a keyword. We write rankable content by doing keyword research. Various tools are used for keyword research. Google’s Word Planner is Google’s own keyword research tool. Apart from this ahrefs, SEMrush, etc are important tools.

5- What is Keyword Research ?

Keyword research is also called keyword research in Hindi. Keyword research is the most important process of search engine optimization. Through this, we see global and local search volume or density, competition, difficulty, CPC, CTR, page impressions, synonym keywords, FAQ etc. ranking factors on various keywords or queries. Doing this increases the chances of our website ranking on the first page of Google on that keyword. Google AdSense also provides good revenue for good CPC keywords. The use of CPC plays an important role in placing bids in Google Ads. Google gets good money from this. A qualified SEO expert will always advise you to write content only after doing keyword research to write good content. Because content was written on Low, Medium, High Difficulty affects website ranking in Google.

Free Keywords research tool google keyword planner

6- What is sitemap ?

Sitemaps are an important part of a website. It would be of two types, XML & HTML.

XML sitemaps are meant to inform search engines. It is an XML map by which search engines crawl and view all the URLs, pages and entire content of the website, index or store them in Google’s database. Whenever some new content, page, URL or data is updated on the website, the search engine robot gets to know, and it updates the new data in its database.

Apart from this, there is an HTML sitemap that is meant for the website user, it is visible to the user and with the help of this, any user can find all the pages and URLs of the entire website from one place. This gives him ease and help in visiting other pages of the website. Time is saved.

To generate a sitemap, download the sitemap using the sitemap generator tool, store it in the website panel and submit the sitemap to Google Search Console or webmaster.

To check sitemap of any website – type website URL /sitemap.xml.

Here is sitemap generator tool

7- What is Robots.txt ?

This is a text file. robots.txt is used to allow or disallow search engine robots to index any website, website page, page group, specific URL, etc. With the help of this, personal information like private pages, documents, admin panels, etc. are saved from being indexed in the database of search engines by applying to disallow tag, as a result private information is not visible to public.

Examples –

User-Agent: *

Disallow: /admin/

8- What is Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console is a free tool from Google, with the help of which we verify all the URL version properties of our website in the search console and submit the sitemap of the website to the search console, so that the Google search engine easily crawls the website and indexes it. It is Also, this tool gives information about the website’s top queries, pages, keyword positions and crawling dates. The Search Engine Console tool provides information about the need for any technical and necessary changes on the website. If you say in a sentence – Search Engine Console shows the assessment of the performance of the website on the Google search engine and necessary changes.

10- What is Search Console Insights ?

Search Console Insights – is a part of Google Search Console, through which you can find the latest top-ranking posts of your website, top trading questions, the best performance page clicks and page views, website the latest overall performance, top traffic channels and new content, organic- Direct and social media website search gives information about traffic details, best-referring link information etc.

Through Search Console Insights, we can better prepare our content by taking information about how our website is treating users on the Internet. And can increase website performance by bringing more traffic to the website.

11- What is Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics is Google’s free tool, it provides us all the information about website users behavior so that with the help of details of user behavior, website’s content optimization, on-page optimization, mobile optimization, geographic location, device & internet connection, real time performance, page views, top page, etc.

With the help of Google Analytics tool, we get important information from direct, paid, organic, referring traffic coming to our website, user’s behavior, time and how he is engaged on the website etc.

12- Which is the latest SEO link building strategy ?

SEO link building strategy :
Email Outreach Promotion
Guest Posts
Question And Answers
Social Media Sharing
Forums Discussions
Article Submission
Relevant Blog Comments

13- What is the role of outbound links?

Outbound link means that we have placed a link to any third-party website on our website, it is called an outbound link.

14- Which common tools do you use to measure SEO?

If you have used some common tools like below:

Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, KWFinder, Majestic SEO etc. then you can mention them.

15- What is Keyword Density in SEO?

Keyword density means how dense the keywords are used in the post. KD means the percentage of words that you have used in a particular post. For example you have 2000 words content and you have used the keywords 60 times then it means it has 3% keyword density. However, KD should not be more than 1.5 to 2%.

Here is Keyword Density checker tool

16- What is backlink?

Backlink is a link that makes a way to go from another website to your website. When the link of one web page is linked with the link of another web page, it is called a backlink. With the help of simple language, I will tell you better about backlinks.

Here is Backlink checker tool

17- What is Googlebot?

Googlebot is web crawler software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to create a searchable index for the Google search engine. This is the generic name of google’s web crawler.

18- What is SEO Friendly URL?

Creating SEO Friendly URL is very important for any site. Also it is a Google Ranking Factor. If you optimize the URL on your website or blog well, then like the page title it helps the search engines to understand what your content is about.

19- What is Google Panda Update?

Panda was introduced in 2011 by Google. My job was to rank the high-quality websites by downing the low-quality website.

20- What is Google Penguin Update?

It was launched in 2012 to stop spamming, write…link buying, link spamming etc.

21- What is Domain Authority?

The domain authority word was first introduced by Moz. With the help of this, Moz tells the search engines how better this website is for ranking.

22- What is Google Pigeon Update?

Google Pigeon Update was one of the few big updates of Google which was included in Google Update on 24 July 2014. And it was launched by Google Maps. … So Google Pigeon Update has corrected this thing, now if the user searches the hotel, then it will show the Nearest hotel only. Which becomes very easy for the user.

23- What is bounce rate?

This is the percentage of users in a website that people simply click on and then back due to some reason.

24- What is organic result?

These are the ones that appear on the snake search engines results page only after the advertisement. And they are not paid, they rank their apps in Google.

25-What is Keyword Proximity?

The distance between the two keywords in any page/paragraph is called keyword proximity.

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